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10 Celebrities With Gluten Allergies

A lot of people believe that celebrities are perfect and never suffer from negative health conditions. The reality is much different, and many celebrities have a variety of health conditions.

You might be surprised to find out how many celebs have a gluten allergy. Although it has taken a long time, many celebrities are finding out that they have gluten intolerance.

Some celebs have Celiac disease while others only have a slight intolerance. While reading this list of 10 celebs with gluten allergies, you might find some names that you’d have never expected to be on the list.

Here are 10 celebrities with gluten allergies:

1. Ryan Phillippe

Ryan is well-known for his role in MacGruber. However, he has also appeared on the cover of several magazines because of his large muscles.

Although this actor is forced to eat massive amounts of food to build the muscle that he uses for acting roles, all of the calories that he consumes come from gluten-free foods.

To maintain his muscularity and physical appearance, he has decided to remove gluten from his diet. Since he has a gluten allergy, the removal of gluten from his diet is one of the best choices that he could make.

Ryan Phillippe