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Be Very Aware of Unconventional Products Containing Gluten

Everyone is well aware that gluten is in many foods, but that’s not where it ends. Imagine having a gluten intolerance and still suffering from symptoms of the allergic reaction even after you have taken all the right precautions to avoid the foods with gluten.

That would be torturous, and the reason that this does actually happen to a lot of those with gluten reactions, is due to the products that contain gluten that are not food.

Surprise, surprise, the team at Everyday Health reported that gluten can be found in some medications, make-up products, vitamins, and loads of other items you likely already have in your house right now. Experts recommend being extremely cautious when purchasing new items from stores, and always reading the labels on everything you consider putting in your body, on your skin, or anything that will touch your skin. This would include cleaning products that would come in close contact with your hands or face, or anything that you may sleep on such as bedding, or decorative pillows. It’s amazing what items can contain gluten that you would never consider.

Certainly, as this stage in the game, you’re not exactly going to be able to go through your entire house trying to decipher if everything from your carpeting, to your hairspray may have gluten in it, so just use these measures as a best practice going forward. If you start to feel stomach challenges, or get hives, a fever, or any type of rash out of the ordinary after using a new product, it’s best to discontinue utilizing it, and possibly look into it further to see if it contain gluten. You can also always visit an allergist for a full evaluation of anything you may have an intolerance to that you just aren’t aware of.