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How Can You Tell If You Truly Have a Gluten Intolerance?

Millions of people have adopted a new way of eating that has eliminated gluten from their daily meals entirely. While many feel this is a healthier change for them, it may often just be a personal choice, not caused by an allergy.

So, how does one identify if they have a gluten intolerance?

There’s always the go cold gluten turkey free option, where you just stop eating foods containing gluten altogether for 10-14 days, and see what results you have from it.

Are you suffering in any way health wise? Are you possibly feeling better? Are you sleeping better? Do you have more or less energy during the day? These are all things to consider, which you can jot down in a journal to truly see your progress.

Perhaps you’ve lost some weight, or maybe you haven’t been feeling well during the trial phase; these are all subject for discussions with your family doctor, or an allergist specialist.

MensXP reported that you can also go through a series of blood tests to screen for any types of antibodies. There is one particular test, called the “tTG-IgA test” which if the results are positive, then doctors generally request a biopsy on the tissue to be 100% certain if gluten allergies are showing. The biopsies can come from the intestines, which is just a tiny sample taken and then it’s tested at a lab for any damages.

Typically, those that truly have a gluten intolerance experience stomach challenges all too frequently. It can be from eating foods high in gluten, and can usually be managed by changing their eating habits this way. The other issue some have with trying to live a gluten free lifestyle is that they find the gluten free food choices to be much more expensive than tradition foods.

Talk any possible changes to your diet over with your doctor first, to always be sure you are making smart, healthy steps with your health. If you find that this way helps your body feel better, and you stop having so many stomach challenges; you most likely did suffer with a gluten allergy all along.