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Is Eating Gluten Free Healthy For Your Children?

Gluten free living has swept the nation by 2017, with millions of adults choosing this lifestyle due to the recommended health benefits that it has been known to provide, but it is the right choice for little ones too?

As parents, we are all so critical and protective of what we allow our sons and daughters to consume. Looking back just a few years to the 1990’s and years before, parents were a lot less judgmental on what they let their kids eat.

Kids drank from the faucet, and no one had any idea what eating non-organic meant.

Fast forward to the present year, and now eating organically, and gluten free, and non dairy, non sugar, and so on seems to be the new way of increasing your overall health.

Experts are saying while it’s wonderful that so many are taking a vested interest in their diets, that often going gluten free is not a medical necessity, but more so a personal choice. Fox 2 Now got advice from Dr. Jeffrey Teckman, a Divisional Director of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Hepatology, where he pointed out that accurately diagnosing gluten allergies is actually much more complex that some think. He also reports that while there has been a lot of information online about the possible link between gluten allergies and autism, or ADHD, that this typically is not the case.

He recommends that if your son or daughter has been experiencing abdominal aches and pains, as well as bloating, or overall illnesses, that they should be evaluated by their pediatrician, as well as a children’s gastro specialist to ensure that they aren’t battling something else internally. Many parents automatically presume that if they place their children on a gluten free diet plan, that their stomach challenges will get better. While sometimes this may help greatly as many health hiccups can be healed through dietary changes, it just isn’t safe to do off the bat without a doctor’s full evaluation first.

Millions of people young and old feel better after they take gluten out of they’re eating plans, but for some, it can eliminate certain minerals, vitamins, and fats that the body still requires to function properly. Make adjustments where needed to get all of your child’s vitamins still in each day, and if at any time they start to experience sickness, or fevers out of the ordinary, please contact your medical provider at once.