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Five Great Children’s Books About Celiac Disease

When a child is diagnosed with any illness, it can be difficult to help them understand their disease and the steps they must take to heal and remain healthy. For many parents, this can be an extremely stressful time. To make understanding easier and facilitate communication with kids about their health condition, children’s books are a great tool.  Below are a variety of children’s books about celiac disease and gluten intolerance:

Gluten-Free Friends: An Activity Book for Kids

When first diagnosed, this activity book is great for learning about gluten and how to avoid it. Within its pages are illustrations depicting what happens to the body when gluten is consumed by an intolerant person. Engaging parents and kids through the activities together, this well-formed coloring and activity book helps kids psychologically deal with their diagnosis and the pressures of wanting to be “like everyone else.” Ages 4 to 11. By Nancy Patin Falini.

Willie Villie Meets Casey Kramps in Sprueville: A Book About Celiac Disease

This is a much-loved story about a young boy named Casey Kramps who has been diagnosed with celiac disease. As the boy struggles to adjust to his illness, a creature from a gluten-free planet provides Casey with the help he needs. This story is fun to read and great for elementary school aged children. Written by Elena Torsiello.

Eating Gluten-Free with Emily: A Story for Children with Celiac Disease

Many questions and concerns can arise from a celiac disease diagnosis, for both parents and their child.

This book cheerfully explains what gluten is, how it affects the body and even how to navigate many of the social and general challenges associated with going gluten-free. The story winds from when Emily does not feel well and is taken to the doctor, through the tests and to diagnosis. It then follows Emily as she learns about her disease and how to deal with being a kid while avoiding gluten. Ages 3 to 7. Written by Bonnie J. Kruszka.

The Gluten Glitch

Feeling left out and weary of having to eat gluten-free among peers who can enjoy more interesting snacks is typical for kids diagnosed with celiac disease. In this book, a boy named Gideon is at that point of feeling restricted. As the story progresses, Gideon learns about options that are healthy for him and still within his gluten-free boundaries. In essence, The Gluten Glitch helps kids work through their feelings and find great substitutions for foods often eaten by others. Elementary school level. Written by Stasie John.

Cilie Yack is Under Attack: A story about a boy with celiac disease

In this fun book, a 9 year old boy from Ireland learns of his celiac disease after a colorful and mischievous past. He becomes famous in his home town as part of his adventures in living gluten-free. This is a longer read with 144 pages, offering a fuller storyline and more well-developed characters for enjoyment while learning about gluten-free living. 8 to 12 years. Written by Caryn Talty.