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Papa John’s Is Going Gluten Free; Great News For Healthy Eaters

Have you recently gone gluten free and miss your Friday night pizza dates terribly? Fret not, as there may be a solution thanks to massive pizza chain; Papa Johns. Recently, they’ve been toying around with ingredients to provide choices for the millions of customers that are gluten free.


com recently reported that Papa John’s has been testing some pilot programs that involve organic foods, and gluten friendly crusts. The toppings under pilot testing are yellow onions, green peppers, Roma tomatoes, and mushrooms.

The new, crust variation that is gluten free will be on the menu at the Los Angeles, Nashville, Phoenix, and St. Louis locations.

The gluten free trend is one that it here to stay according to Chief Ingredients Officer, Sean Muldoon. He explained that since the gluten free train appears to be a lifestyle of healthy eating that many are sticking with, that it is important to the Papa John’s franchise to be the first of it’s peers to offer organic produce and gluten free alternatives on their menu.

Patrons that are buying organic produce are on the rise as well. Organic produce is on the up and up with stats showing some 20% of grocery shoppers would be buying strictly organic by the year 2020. This is a huge jump from the under 10% of organic shoppers the country has steadily had for the past few years.

Some other fast food chains that are trying diligently to make their mark on the organic, gluten free demographic, are Panera Bread, McDonald’s, and Chipotle. All of these have down rather well as a result of upgrading the healthy food ingredients in their menus. Papa John’s plans on handling the change via tracking the customer responses on social media, as well as the sales trends once making the change full swing. Interacting with their patrons should bring some great feedback to the pizza chain, to adjust any ingredients if needed, and to scale how well those are receiving the new changes. Gluten free definitely seems to have made its mark on the nation, and is certainly something to consider if you have been suffering from health challenges, or have been living with celiac disease.