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Top Apps for Gluten Free Living

The smartphone age is a great time to be living gluten-free. There are a wide variety of educational, cooking, shopping and dining applications available to make life easier for people with gluten intolerance. Below is a list of six of those smartphone apps, all available to help you live gluten-free on the go:

Gluten-Free Shopping Apps

Is that Gluten Free? Available on the iTunes store, this app is great for identifying whether over 23,000 products found in your local grocery store are gluten free.

Simply search by product name and receive all of the answers you need, as you browse the market aisles. Cost: $7.99

ShopWell Healthy Diet & Grocery Food Scanner Available for Android, iPad and iPhone users, this app scans barcodes of grocery products and reveals whether they are gluten-free. If there is gluten in a scanned product, the app recommends substitutions that are safe for people with celiac disease.

Cost: Free

Allergy & Gluten Free Diet Tracker by Fooducate Another barcode scanner, this app reveals whether products contain gluten. You can also find out if they have other major allergens in them, such as peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, lactose, milk or eggs. Manufacturer phone numbers are provided with products so you can instantly talk to the brand representative for more information while you shop. Available for Android and in the iTunes app store.

Cost: $4.99

Gluten-Free Dining Out

Find Me Gluten Free Available for iPhone and Android, this handy app use geolocation to map restaurants near your present position with gluten-free menu items. Perfect for business travelers, tourists or people new to an area, this app also provides customer ratings, reviews, pricing information and phone numbers for quick calling of listed restaurants. Cost: Free

Gluten-Free Restaurant Items This highly popular app for Android, Kindle and iPhone helps you locate restaurants around your present location with gluten-free items on the menu. For each of those restaurants, specific menu items are listed for easy ordering without risk of gluten. Cost: $2.99

Gluten Free Cooking

Cook It Allergy Free This great iPhone and iPad app provides hundreds of gluten-free recipes. With a quick swipe you can eliminate ingredients you are allergic to, with each automatically replaced with recipe-appropriate substitutions. Cost: $4.99 Technology evolves each day and with those evolutions come new apps, as well as constantly evolving existing ones. Conduct a quick and easy search on your handheld device in the app store and you may be surprised how many resources are at your fingertips. Apps like these usually range in price from free to as much as $20.  Each app makes going gluten-free and living that way much easier and more convenient. Add to these apps a wide variety of online instructional and cooking videos, and your handheld device becomes a valuable tool for good health.